Each quarter there will be at least one major performance of rehearsed music. Performances are the “major project” for all choral students each quarter. EVERYONE will be expected to successfully perform their music and show audience skills for the choral director to receive their grade. All performances and rehearsals will be announced at least fifteen school days in advance and canbe found on at Students are required to be at the entire concert in full uniform for all performances. Failure to show up in proper attire will mean a loss of points and in some cases loss of performance with the group. (This would count as an unexcused absence.) Only chorus students are permitted within the concert area prior to 6:45 PM. Concerts usually last about an hour to an hour and a half. You are expected to attend the entire performance–not just your part. The concert serves two functions: it show what you have learned this quarter and you learn from what others have learned this quarter! Everyone is required to attend the entire concert. If you leave early for any reason, your grade will be adjusted accordingly.

Students have two roles at performances:
(1) As a performer
(2) As a member of the audience.

I set high expecations for students at all performances in both capacities (performer and audience). The student will extend “professional courtesy” to the audience as well as the performing group. Professional courtesy mean to “treat others as you would have them treat you OR perform as the chorus director expects. Any infraction of the professional courtesy rule lowers the grade for the concert as well as the conduct portion of the grade. Student cell phones and personal electronic devices will be OFF during all performances. Any student, who has their cell phone ON, texts or uses their phone for any reason during a performance will receive a lowered grade for that performance. Remember, your performance off the risers can often be more impressive than your performance on the risers.

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