Field Trips and Overnight Travel

(if possible in 2020) Field trips are used as an extension of the classroom and the same display of discipline will be expected of all students. Whenever we leave the campus, we are representing all of RHS and our entire school will be measured by us!!!!! Remember, a few people can curtail the field trip for everyone. Whenever we leave the campus as a group, a permission slip from the parent will be required. Discipline problems that arise off campus will be dealt with in the form of a referral to the Assistant Principal as soon as we return along with an automatic lowering of your grade. You will also fail the audience skills portion of your grade for that particular performance. Also, from that moment on you will not be allowed to attend any other extra-curricular choral activities without the direct supervision of your parent or guardian. Chorus field trips fall under all school guidelines and policies for school wide field trips as well as criteria set up by the chorus. Students that have excessive absence from school or discipline issues on campus will not be invited to travel with the chorus. From time to time, the Ridgeview Chorus has the opportunity to travel overnight to participate in a special performance. These trips are planned for musical growth and fellowship for those students who have worked hard consistently throughout their time in the Ridgeview High School Chorus. These trips are not required and have no grade attached to them. Invitations to participate in a special planned overnight trip are issued at the DISCRETION of the director after reviewing certain criteria.

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