Disney Candlelight

(If possible during 2020, Disney will decide) Disney Candlelight is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to perform in a professional setting with a mass choir, full orchestra and celebrity narrator. Each year, RHS auditions to be part of this amazing event. Due to new Disney Candlelight audition regulations, only 75 students per high school can audition. Therefore, you must be a member of an auditioned Ridgeview group (Vocal Ensemble or Women’s Chorus) to be eligible to audition. In addition, students must have their Fair Share paid before or by September 22nd (which can be paid by participating in our fall fundraiser), they must be at the after school rehearsal/taping on September 24th. This will be a select group of the best RHS singers. Further selection criteria will be discussed in class. Students must adhere to all RHS rules and the travel guidelines outlined below.

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