Class Participation

Classroom time is designated rehearsal time. For this reason you are expected to be in your seat and prepared to work to avoid disruption of class. You are required to have your music folder, chorus three ring binder, and a pencil every day. If you are absent from class at any time, for any reason (excused, unexcused, field trip, tardy hall, ISS, whatever), you will do a writing assignment to make up the grade. The only reason that a student would not need to make up a missed class is if they are at required state testing. The assignment will be done on a full sheet of notebook paper. The assignment must include: Your name at the top of the page, The date you were absent from chorus, A well written paragraph describing what you missed in class (nothing less than 5 sentences, nothing more than 8), and your parent’s signature and date across the paragraph. You will do this for every class you missed. Each paragraph must be signed by your parents. You may use the same sheet of paper, though each missed assignment must be entered separately. The assignment must be turned into “the box” within two days after you return to school. This is your responsibility and it is how you will receive the class participation grades for your absences. Failure to follow directions completely will result in a zero for the day(s) you were absent. School policy will decide if the absence is excused or not, but regardless, failure to do the make-up work in a timely fashion will result in a zero for the missed work.

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