Choral Director, Music Educator, & Arranger

Right now is the best time. Mrs. Bice is honored to open the doors each year for young ears to come together and make great music. Each young adult has an important job to do during their high school career. Part of that is finding their voice and using it for good in the world. Mrs. Bice is always excited, proud, and blessed to be part of a crucial journey for every child who walks into her classroom. Here’s to a great year of positive experiences and surprises.

Here are some things to look forward to: We have some great new approaches to music being tried this year. We are pushing forward with Music technology and production in the new age of virtual. We will be creating singles, videos, and small group productions.

So lets put our best foot forward and make some music. We will reinvent what it means to be a chorus program this year. If we can imagine it, we can make it happen. We are as amazing as we want to be–so long as we do the work. Mrs Bice is excited to get to it each and every day–she hopes you are to.

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