Ridgeview High School Chorus

Fall Fundraiser

The RHS Chorus provides opportunities throughout the year to raise money. Money earned through the current years fundraising can be used to pay for fair share, uniform,  sweatshirts, travel, and banquet entrance.


This fall we are selling cookie dough. All items are $20 and the students gets $7.50 per item.  Brochures are available in the chorus room.


Dates: August 21- September 5

(All money is due with the order on Sept. 5)

How to Pay: Cash only to the student or you can pay with a credit card and the cookie dough will be delivered by the student you choose. Credit card link: (this is NOT the RevTrak that Clay County Schools are using this year, it is through the fundraising company)

Online sales: (located at the bottom of the online link)

Increase your profit and reach out of town family and friends by utilizing the online store. 

(Students receive 40% profit for all online sales.)

Online Link:  www.bit.ly/rhschoir

Chorus 2018- Fall Fundraiser

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Students make $7.50 per item.

To pay for:

    # of items


$75 Fair Share 



New Dress & Pearls ($70)



New Tuxedo ($100)



Additional REWARDS:

$100 in sales = $1,000 in tuition rewards

10 items sold = a cell phone accessory 
10 items sold= Fair Share is paid!!

$250 in sales = $2,500 in tuition rewards

15 items sold = a free tub of COOKIE DOUGH